Welcome to the website of the Northampton Branch of Amicus the Trade Union.   We hope if you are looking for information on how to join our union or work with us that you will find this site of interest.  We want better working conditions for all workers, a fairer society free of greed and exploitation, and a democratic world where we all have some control over the running of our society.  Please consider joining our union and working with us.  

 Fed up with falling pay and bullying managers
It's time to campaign, and to take action

Have a voice at work - with our help

  • Is your employer treating you fairly?
  • Do you need better pay and conditions?
  • Do you feel you are being treated badly and need representation at work?


Our Record

  • Northampton ‘Amicus—Unite’ believes workers need a union that fights for what they want.
  • We are a union that listens to its members, not the employers.
  • Local Amicus Unite members have helped employees at Wincanton and elsewhere win unfair dismissal tribunals and helped others to build a good union that can stop such abuses happening. 
  • Nationally, Amicus-Unite has worked with Visteon/Ford members to get a fair deal while Unite construction workers have won national recognition for their demands for employment at union rates.

Let’s work together for a strong union and better conditions

  • We have local officials with many years experience in a variety of workplaces who are available to help with guidance, the branch can also organise training and representation
  • If you want help with organising / recruiting with a view to seeking recognition, get in touch and we will help

(‘Unite’ is the new union created from the amalgamation of Amicus and the T&G unions)

UNITE members of Northampton NN36 branch campaigning against the cuts
and in support of the anti austerity TUC Bus as it visited the Town.

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Contact us 


phone:  01604 752588

            07743 791180

March 12th demonstration against the cuts - Northampton

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