Branch reorganisation - Members will be aware that the Union has recently undertaken a major reorganisation of all Branches within each Region, following the amalgamation of the existing Amicus and TGWU sections. The structure is now predominantly based around individual workplaces and sectors. Where this has not been possible, then geographical Branches have been established and renamed - as such the previous Northampton Branch has now been renamed Northampton NN36.

We have been assured by our Regional Office that the Branch reorganisation is now complete, and regular funding for the new Northampton NN36 Branch re-established.

Welcome to Unite:  Some things you should know about the Northampton Branch

  • Northampton Unite is the local branch of the largest UK Trade Union and tries to help workers with organising and sorting out problems.
  • We have members in transport, engineering, science, finance, warehousing, manufacturing, the NHS and many other areas.
  • The local branch is keen to help members, especially new members, and has people with knowledge and experience to help you. 
  • We have a long history of standing up for workers, supporting their interests and improving wages and conditions at work. 
  • We believe in a unionism where workers themselves control what goes on, where they take the decisions through discussion and debate as to what is best for them.  
  • Our local branch will support employees to defend their rights and conditions and will help those seeking to get union recognition at their workplace. 

For a Rank and File model for Trade Unionism:  We believe in a trade unionism that is rank and file controlled with regular elections for all officials who should be paid the average wage of their members, a trade unionism that is militant for workers interests as opposed to those of employer.  We are against partnership trade unionism which attempts to argue that employers and employees interests are somehow the same and which binds unions to putting the members interests below that of the company.  History and and recent events show that this form of unionism means nothing when employers are in a corner financially and workers and their conditions need to to be sacrificed to save the shareholders - - we should direct our efforts to controlling our working environment and conditions to the fullest extent.

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