Beware Private Solicitors - they can seriously damage your claim and compensation!
The branch has recently seen a number of cases in which members, who have mistakenly gone to private solicitors, have either had their cases dropped when then the going got tough or who have been let down in other ways by these companies.
A lot of these companies claim they don't charge which might be true but that is no good to a member if the case is dropped because the private solicitor thinks it is a tough case or if they ask for cash to proceed in these difficult cases.  This has happened recently to our members.  And, what is worse a case was dropped just before the 3 year limit on bringing cases and the worker was unable to get anyone else to take the case resulting in no case being pursued and the worker losing any chances of damages.

We advise all members - Use a union Solicitor - you are entitled to this service - they will represent you fairly and the service is free to members and you know your case is the priority not the private company's profit.
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