December 2013 Informal Members' Meeting

Members will be aware that the East Midlands Regional Council has recently embarked upon a 'Branch reorganisation' exercise, which has resulted in a number of new Branches being setup in Northamptonshire, and many members being moved, often against their will, into new Branches. Some of these new Branches will be holding their inaugural meetings during December.  

We shall be meeting on Wednesday 10th December 2013, in order to consider our options at:

The Cotton Club

Main Road, Far Cotton


commencing at 7.30pm

All members are welcome

Call 07743 791180 or email





Policy Conference 2012

The  Unite Policy Conference took place in June 2012.

The Northampton Branch submitted a motion covering Workplace Health and Safety, which was composited, and AGREED as follows:-

Health and Safety at Work

UNITE deplores the attacks of the coalition government on Workplace Health and Safety including the dismantling of Health and Safety Law, the slashing of funding of the Health and Safety Executive, reductions to Health and Safety inspections, abolition of the Health and Safety helpline and changes to RIDDOR reporting. UNITE believes this will lead to increased deaths, injuries and sickness arising from work.

UNITE also believes that Health and Safety standards will be further detrimentally affected if the Government progresses with plans to reduce Trade Union facility time, affecting the ability to organise on Health and Safety through Trade Union Health and Safety representatives.

The Government's actions on Health and Safety are part of a wider agenda of public sector cuts, privatisation and attacks on Trade Union and employment rights.

UNITE is committed to:

  • Ensure Health and Safety remains a key priority throughout the Union
  • Mount a vigorous campaign to oppose cuts in public spending in the agencies responsible for the enforcement of Health and Safety within the workplace
  • Oppose Government moves to reduce Health and Safety standards in the workplace
  • Organise campaigning events including protest actions and demonstrations against the Governments anti-Health and Safety at work agenda and argue the case that Health and Safety rights must be an integral part of the movement's wider campaigns against Government cuts
  • Continue the campaign for effective Corporate Manslaughter laws including imprisonment of directors
  • Campaign with other Sectors, Trade Unions and the TUC for a maximum working temperature that covers all workplaces
  • Continue to press for greater rights for Union Safety Representatives
  • Challenge the use by Employers of 'blame the worker' initiatives and other so-called 'behavioural safety' programmes in the workplace
  • Establish a Union policy on a Health and Safety Unit
Unite Rule Book.pdf Unite Rule Book.pdf
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Policy Conference decisions 2012.pdf Policy Conference decisions 2012.pdf
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