Time to Fight back !
End the disgrace and exploitation of ZERO Hours contracts - with Industrial Action including strikes to bring about change

The scandal of Zero Hours contracts which has been highlighted in the national media recently shame our society, our workplaces and our unions who have put up with this for far too long.  Workers are being squeezed increasingly as we are all being made to pay for the banking crisis and as working conditions are deregulated  to the advantage of the bosses  - but to the severe disadvantage of the rest of us.
Our branch have uncovered cases of workers even being taken to work on a sunday evening in the works bus, to be told after waiting a couple of hours, to go home without a penny for their wasted waiting and transport time!
Employers know only one thing in these times and that is if you screw the employees you can usually get away with it with the support of all the parties who support this return to Victorian working conditions.
Seeking talks with Sports Direct, McDonalds, Buckingham Palace or any other rotten employer who employs on these conditions is a waste of time unless backed up with the willingness to take direct action like strikes or overtime bans to enforce change.
Workers need a minimum hours contract and a minimum wage contract for all part timers and a proper contract if they work full hours.
Northampton NN36 will help any workers with organising, leafletting, recruitment and negotiations to secure these demands if they seek our help.
Get in touch and let's make a change !

The Northampton Branch fully supports the local campaign against cuts in public services 

Local public sector unions, in conjunction with Northampton Trade Union Council, have agreed the following cuts statement in opposition to cuts in public services, privatisation and PFI. The intention is to use the statement as part of a county-wide campaign of opposition aimed at all users and trade union members. The Northampton Branch fully endorse the cuts statement.


 Public Sector Unions and Northampton Trades Council statement against the cuts 

Public Services are essential to the economic well being of this country. For every £1 invested in public services, £1.64 is generated in the economy at large. Cuts and redundancies harm the economy, including the private sector, reduce income from taxes, increase the numbers claiming benefits and may well trigger a greater recession.  

Cuts in the public sector hit us all, but particularly the most vulnerable in society. Once gone, getting them back is extremely difficult. The public sector forms part of our 'social wage', and is vital to providing a workforce that is educated, healthy and properly housed.

The political parties currently tell us that, however unfair it is that we have to pay for the mistakes of bankers and speculators, there is no alternative. This is not true.

Politicians like to divide us by perpetuating myths. It is not true that back room services can be cut without harming the delivery of frontline ones. Public sector workers are not all well paid with huge pensions. Do we want a race to the bottom? All workers deserve good pay and pensions and this money in turn feeds back into the economy.

An alternative policy of investing in services, manufacturing and infrastructure would stimulate the economy and provide new jobs. For example, public sector spending on construction projects represents about 40% of the industry's turnover. Every £1 invested in construction generates £2.84 in total economic activity. Delivering new schools, homes, hospitals, transport and infrastructure provides long-term economic and social benefits. £1 spent on wardens for sheltered housing can save £6 on bed blocking in hospitals.

Tax avoidance by the top 700 corporations costs £12 billion a year and by wealthy individuals £13 billion, yet the number of inspectors dealing with this issue is being cut, despite the fact each inspector can collect over £640,000. The economics of madness?

Stopping the ridiculous and expensive policies of privatisation and Private Finance Initiatives, which cost taxpayers millions, make profits out of our services and remove democratic accountability, would be a good way forward. Changes in the taxation of the rich, bank profits and bonuses as well as cutting expenditure on projects like Trident can also release funds. We are a wealthy country, held to ransom by a small number of the rich and unaccountable. 

We demand that our national and local politicians do not make cuts. Wringing their hands and holding phoney consultations while savaging our services is not acceptable.

Northampton Trades Council and associated Unions ask the people of Northamptonshire to work with us to mount campaigns to defend our services, and put a stop to cuts and privatisation.


Defend Council Housing 

The Northampton Branch fully supports the national campaign against the privatisation of council housing, the removal of wardens from sheltered accommodation, and is actively involved in the local campaign group. The branch supports the call for direct investment in council housing and is opposed to the fourth option.

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European Ruling against 'Blacklisting' and in support of 'whistleblowers'

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly passed legislation on workplace health and safety that  includes European support for whistleblowers, specifically calling for an end to the practice of "black-listing" of those workers who speak out. This tremendous victory comes as a result of an ongoing campaign by rank-and-file UCATT members, and should be seen as a major step forward in the fight to protect all Trade Unionists who are working to expose the disgraceful use of blacklisting by employers in all sectors.

Please see blacklistsg@gmail.com for more information on the Blacklist Support Group


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