Are you overworked, bullied, underpaid, harassed and working in unsafe conditions?

Then give us the facts about your workplace and what goes on there (we won't reveal your identity)

Help expose the bad practices that go on - and the appalling way many workers are treated

Join with us and other workers to publicise poor standards and to campaign for better conditions

It's time to stop the race to the bottom as far as working conditions and wages are concerned, a situation where employers compete to exploit their workers more and more, where so called reputable companies impose increasing workloads and targets, where workers are exposed to risk and suffer injuries trying to reach inhumane targets, where employees are disciplined for not doing overtime or long hours and are bullied and treated with contempt by bullying managers who would be better employed in a nazi labour camp.

For too long employers have had the whip hand, We need to fight back and one weapon in that fightback is information about what is going on.  For instance in some of the largest warehouses in this county the employers are continually increasing work targets while threatening their workers that if they don't reach the target they will be disciplined and then dismissed.  They put at risk their employees health as they rush and corners are cut to reach the new targets and injuries to backs, hands, legs and minds increase.  Workers then leave with their injuries and no compensation, to be replaced by new employees - and the insane cycle continues.

It's time to say enough is enough.
  Tell us what is going on at your workplace if it is one of these rogue employers who boast of their teamwork, call you a colleague but then treat you like dirt.  Help us to expose them, to inform the public of what is going on and to fightback for better conditions and a decent working life for all.

Contact us
on 01604 752588 (ask for Dave), or 07743 791180 (Phil) or email  (we will not use anyone's name or details in anything we write and will discuss with you first, if you want - before we use the information)
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