Unite at Northampton General Hospital

 UNITE the Union at NGH has been through a number of reincarnations over the last 20 years via MSF and AMICUS. A number of professional, technical and trade groups have joined into what is now a union of considerable size and influence.

Locally your membership benefits from a network of representatives based in Pathology and Estates. Our respective duties and responsibilities are as follows.



Peter Lucas (that’s me) – Snr workplace rep for Pathology with functions within Health and Safety and on the NGH Joint Consultation and Negotiation Committee presently as Staff Side Assistant Secretary.

Delegate for NGH to UNITE Branch Northampton.

Delegate for NGH to Northampton Trades Council for UNITE

Delegate for NGH to the Northampton Activists Meetings

Delegate for NGH to the Regional Industrial Sector Meeting for the Health Sector.

Contact ext 5401 or through NGH switchboard – email peter.lucas@ngh.nhs.uk


Terry Lodge – workplace rep for Haematology within NGH Pathology

Health and Safety Representative for Haematology

Information researcher for UNITE at NGH

Delegate to consultation forums with the Pathology Composite Agreement 2002. 



Jessica Leads – workplace rep for Histopathology within NGH Pathology

Health and Safety Representative for Histopathology

Special interests in Pathology modernization process (MSC) within the Health Care Science agenda


Susan Richardson – workplace rep for Microbiology with NGH Pathology 


Lionel Hay – workplace rep for Estates within NGH Facilities Directorate

If you have problems related to you employment at NGH or wish to join UNITE as part of its growing membership please contact Pete Lucas as above. We will try to keep you up to date with future developments and activities at NGH through this website.


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